1 on 1 Personal Training and 1 on 5 Personal Training

1 on 1 Personal Training and 1 on 5 Personal Training

Looking for Personal Training in Bryan or College Station?

Completely Customized Training Experience in LESS Time!

  • Why waste your valuable time in a large impersonal class?
  • Why guess on what you should be doing in your fitness and nutrition?
  • Why be another member of one of those “hot and sweaty” gyms that takes a one size fits all approach that doesn’t customize around your needs?

At BCS Fitness, we personalize your workout just for you. Therefore you get better results in much less time with a maximum 1 to 5 client to coach ratio.


“I love this place! They keep it constantly new and changing. The weight loss is sweet too!” Joey M

“I always look forward to working out, it’s such a positive environment.” Kelli R

“The 30 minute workout sessions are just right, I know I can work hard for that length of time and get the maximum benefit.” Jacqee P

“Having someone else do all the planning for my workouts is a luxury. Things are always fresh!” Matt S

“Love working out at BCS Fitness. There is a great community there and the coaches push you enough to grow…but not too much.” Seth S

We know what you need to get results…

A non-cookie cutter approach that best fits you, your busy schedule and your goals. 

👊 Easy to schedule into your day 30 min training sessions

👊 Personalized professional coaching 

👊Personal Training in one of our two private studios

👊 Nutrition support to speed up your transformation process

👊 Accountability and Community

👊 Lifestyle and habit change goals and support

👊 Recovery: Infrared Sauna & Passive Stretch Therapy

👊 In Person Training or Virtual Training Options


1:1 Personal Training and 1:5 Personal Training that will give you better results in less time.


Are you tired of stopping and starting your fitness journey? Do you feel like its one size fit all training even though your goals are uniquely yours? If so, we have your solution. For nearly 20 years, BCS Fitness has offered award winning premier personal training services that provides time efficient and proven results for people who are focused on long term healthier, active lifestyles… not the latest fitness fads.

We welcome men and women of all fitness levels. Our fully customized 1 on 1 and 1 to 5 personal training systems are uniquely focused on customized fitness and nutrition solutions for clients who want to be in the best shape of their lives.  Unlike many gyms, we are not simply targeting young fitness fanatics.

We know that people do better with customized approaches to their personal goals vs. a “one size fits all” approach. For that reason, we limit our personal small group training experiences to no more than 3-4 others training alongside you with your coach. Are you looking for a more effective workout program that will not monopolize your valuable time? If yes…let’s get to work!

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