Weight Loss Tip Wednesday for 4/2/14

When something is removed from one side, a counter adjustment must be made to create balance. As a child, if you and a friend were playing on a see saw together and your friend left, you sunk to the ground. The same thing can occur in weight loss. If you grow accustom to eating a bowl of ice cream every night before bed, and you stop, you might start to miss the habit of that nightly treat. Instead, grab a small serving of greek yogurt or low calorie flavored water.
Here are a few examples of some equalizing moves you could make this week to create equilibrium…
Evening Ice Cream(Vanilla Greek Yogurt)
Colas(Metro Flavored Water or Spark)
Fast Food(Homemade Sack Lunch)
TV (a walk around the block)
Bite Size Chocolates(Sugar free gum or mint)
Have a great Wednesday and be balanced!!!