Weight Loss Tip Wednesday by BCS Fitness (5/21/14)

” How do I get rid of my “love handles?”

“I just really want to tone up my thighs…”

“I want a flatter stomach…”

“What should I do to get rid of this last 10 pounds?”

Despite my desire for a quick fix solution for these problems…there really isn’t one. No magic exercise, no secret diet trick, and no ground breaking pill to solve these problems.

However, there is a process that we can submit ourselves to that will gradually move us towards these physique goals.

STEP 1: Decide what your END goal is. This could be a specific pair of jeans, getting rid of the “muffin top”, etc.

STEP 2: Ask yourself, or your trainer, what are 3 goals that, if done every week, would lead you to your end goal?

STEP 3: Commit to executing these 3 goals for a 3-6 week period of time.

Can you commit to doing 3 things for 3 weeks? If you can, you WILL move the needle closer to your end goal.