We are so very proud of Lauren’s  HARD WORK…it is paying off!!! She comes to train 3 days a week in small group personal training and trains with Aj Buck and works with Patti Willems on nutrition!!!

Here are a few words from Lauren on her experience thus far…

“I’ve been a member at BCS Fitness for about a year and half now. I wanted to lose weight, but also make my body healthier and stronger at the same time! I’ve always been very intimidated by big gyms because I’ve never been very athletic, and I just don’t know what to do when I get there! I started out with the personal training, and it was so great. We started out at a level that I was comfortable with and worked up from there. All the trainers are so nice and never judgmental. There were many times when something was extra difficult or I’d feel overwhelmed, and they’d just encourage me not to beat myself up about it. You have to start somewhere and you’ll only keep keeping better! After awhile I switched to the small group training and those are just as great! It’s so fun working out with other people.

It’s been amazing seeing how I’ve gotten better over time, being able to do more and being able to feel that I actually have muscles! I started with the nutritional coaching in the summer of 2015 and I meet with Patti once a week. We talk about how I ate that week and what could I do to make my next week a little bit better. Pretty soon it just kind of clicked, I had to make that lifestyle change to really reach my goals! I’ve lost 95 pounds since then and I’m still going!”