6 Week Carb Cycling Challenge: Weekly Meal Plan

Hey Challengers!

Here are the current”6 Week Carb Challenge” client meal plans. Keep in mind, the actual lessons will start this weekend through our app. If you prefer to not log in through the app…you can also log in and view all lessons from your email. The bulk of our work will take place through daily lessons you receive each week from our app…so please be sure you are receiving content, that is where we will challenge you to tackle new habits in your nutrition!

The below meal plan is intended to give you some weekly suggestions…NOT A DIET. We want you to focus on small habit changes over 6 weeks and NOT radically cutting calories just to drop body weight (muscle, water, and fat.) Use these meal plans to supplement your weekly plan that best fits your life.

We use a “paleo” style meal list simply because paleo style meals are naturally lower in processed carbohydrates and high in healthy energy carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, etc.)

All meals will be written for 2. You can easily adjust if you need to make more or less. Please try not to see these recipes as a strict plan. Rather, experiment with some of these healthy low carb recipes as they best fit your day and training cycle.

Try to stick to the following portioning guidelines…

Protein (chicken, lean beef, pork, fish, low fat dairy, whey protein): Palm size

Vegetable: Fist size

Fruit: Palm size

Fat (olives, avocados, nuts, heavy whipping cream, coconut oil, almond butter): Thumb (2 Thumbs)

Starch: Palm size or less


Here is your meal plan…

Week 1 Challenge Meal Plan Suggestions

Meal Calendar:  aug26-sep1-2018-calendar

Recipes: aug26-sep1-2018-recipes

Shopping List: aug26-sep1-2018-shopping-list-short


Week 2 Challenge Meal Plan Suggestions

*You’ll notice that the dates are incorrect and labeled for Aug 12-18th. Don’t worry about this, it is a formatting error on the Paleo Plan site.

Meal Calendar: aug12-aug18-2018-calendar

Recipes: aug12-aug18-2018-recipes

Shopping List:  aug12-aug18-2018-shopping-list


Week 3 Challenge Meal Plan Suggestions

Meal Calendar: sep9-sep15-2018-calendar

Recipes: sep9-sep15-2018-recipes

Shopping List: sep9-sep15-2018-shopping-list


Week 4 Challenge Meal Plan Suggestions

Meal Calendar: sep16-sep22-2018-calendar

Recipes: sep16-sep22-2018-recipes

Shopping List: sep16-sep22-2018-shopping-list-short


Week 5 Challenge Meal Suggestions

Meal Calendar: sep23-sep29-2018-calendar

Recipes: sep23-sep29-2018-recipes

Shopping List: sep23-sep29-2018-shopping-list-short


Week 6 Challenge Meal Suggestions

Meal Calendar: sep30-oct6-2018-calendar

Recipes: sep30-oct6-2018-shopping-list-short

Shopping List: sep30-oct6-2018-shopping-list