Feel disconnected from your spouse? Take these steps to reconnect.

Ever feel like you and your spouse are two ships passing in the dark? Between work, chores, and caring for the kids, you have little time to truly connect. You see each other briefly during the morning rush and a short while in the evening between dinner, helping kids with homework, putting the kids to bed, and watching the television, but it’s not enough time to share your heart, talk about life, and feel close.

When life gets busy, it’s easy for your relationship with your spouse to take a back seat. While this may just be a phase, if it lasts too long it can be dangerous. Make your marriage the priority it should be with these steps to reconnect.

Date Night

It goes without saying that date nights are a great way to connect with your spouse. Line up a babysitter or find another couple that would like to take turns watching each other’s kids while the other couple goes out. Once a week or once a month, make date night a priority.