“Looking for Small Group Personal Training in Bryan or College Station?”

Your time is very valuable. With that in mind, we have created a semi-private (1 to 5 client to trainer ratio) training program to maximize your time at the studio.

At BCS Fitness we deliver specialized personal small group and private personal training with proven, established programs for those seeking a motivating and holistic fitness experience in a progressive environment.  With two convenient locates in the heart of Bryan/College Station our two training studio is convenient for all residents in the Bryan/College Station area located just past the intersection of Texas Ave and University Dr and in South College Station at the corner of Barron Road and William D Fitch Parkway.

Customized Integrated Fitness 
A dedicated team of expert personal trainers and coaches evaluate each client’s fitness level, needs and goals and create a specialized, holistic program to assist them in reaching those fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals. Each program is designed specifically for the goals of the individual client, from desk jockey/weekend warriors to professional athletes. We don’t offer boot camps, classes, or large group training…just personal training with 3-4 other folks with similar goals joining you for your unique journey.

Effective and Efficient Training Programs 
Keeping in mind the time constraints of busy professionals, moms, dads, students, working singles, and athletes, the studio offers effective and highly efficient workouts, helping clients build a solid foundation and giving them the power and energy to conquer the demands throughout their day. All of our training program contain complementary  integrated nutritional education and meal planning to help give our clients extra help in reaching their fitness goal, whether that is to lose weight, build muscle or increase energy.

Check out our community on facebook. You will find out quickly that our community is made up of men and women much like yourself. If you would like to be a part of the BCS Fitness community please contact us at 979-575-7871 (Central Location) or 979-383-2688 (South College Station location) and let us assist you in living life to the fullest.