Do Scales Frustrated You? We Can Help…

Do Scales Frustrated You? by AJ Buck – Director of Fitness Coaching 

Frustrated or disappointed with what a typical scale says? Here are a few ways a new technology called the InBody scale can help you track your progress in reaching your goals. The InBody scale is different than your average scale because it allows you to see various aspects that make up your body composition: muscle mass, body fat, and water.


Let’s say you have been working hard for a month straight and when it comes time to weigh in on the average scale it shows that you have gained 2 pounds. I would assume that you would be pretty disappointed. If you were to weigh in on the InBody scale and it indicates that you gained 2 pounds, but more specifically that you gained 2 pounds of muscle, your body fat percentage went down, and that the fat has been replaced with muscle. Would you still be disappointed?


  1. Why would I want to have my body composition measured on the InBody?



Many of us, especially women, experience 2-3 pound weight fluctuations from day to day. This can make it very difficult to rely on a method that can’t differentiate between fat, muscle, and fluid. The InBody scale has the ability to differentiate between intracellular (in muscles) and extracellular (fluid retention) water. This accurate information allows you to make better decisions about what you are currently doing to achieve your goals.

  1. The InBody shows everything!


The InBody Analyzer gives you real and accurate values and numbers in order to calculate many things throughout your body.  This device helps you see your body mass index number, your body fat percentage, and even what your right arm weighs in comparison to your left arm. These values are real and accurate and will not be skewed like with some other methods. It is giving you accurate values to look at and compare from analysis to analysis.


  1. InBody shows your hydration status!


The InBody also shows the water content of your body. In order to be considered well hydrated, half of your body weight needs to be water (i.e. if you weigh 160 lbs, 80 lbs should be water).


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