Mindset Is Everything – Here’s Why

I’ve recently been really enjoying a book by Tony Robbins titled “Unshakeable.” The book is mostly about the US and international financial markets and what we can learn from historical financial trends. Despite it’s goal of providing great financial advise…there is an incredible amount of MIND SET advice included.

As the book plugs along, it shifts gears in Chapter 12 to discuss the mind set behind “achievement” and “fulfillment.” You see…lots of people achieve in life. We achieve love, social acceptance, fitness, money, respect…the list goes on and on.

The real challenge is to find FULFILLMENT. That is much more difficult as the book details. Ultimately, fulfillment is the mind set that we choose that truly allows us to enjoy the achievement.

Have you ever met a really successful/high performing individual who seemed miserable?

Me too…they had achievement…but never found a sense of FULFILLMENT.

Tony’s point is this…fulfillment goes deeper than just what your success, achievements, etc deliver to you. Fulfillment is born out of a sense of gratitude. In short, fulfillment and gratitude go hand and hand.

Did you catch that? Fulfillment is born out of a sense of gratitude.

Can a fear of what you might lose in life and gratitude co-exist?

Can fear of what you may have less of someday (less time, money, influence, etc) and gratitude be two married concepts?

I don’t believe so.

If you are grateful…it’s hard to live in fear, worry, anxiety, etc.

What are you grateful for today? Make a list. Seriously…go make a list on your phone right now. Got it?

Next time you are faced with what this book describes as a negative or “suffering” state (meaning you are worrying about what you might loss, what you might have less of, or what you may never have) pause and force your mind to recount what you are grateful for.

As a follow of Christ, for me it starts with the gratitude for God’s grace, salvation, and forgiveness. I need those three things more than anything else in this world. That then flows to being grateful for things like my wife, kids, our friends, health, provision, awesome employees, CRAZY awesome clients…the list goes on and on.

Had a bad day at work? Did you gain any new insights from it that you are now grateful for?

Mindset is EVERYTHING. If you are finding yourself stuck in the “suffering” mindset stop and remind you of what you are grateful for.

Change your mindset…and you change your life!

Energetically yours,