Being Mean To Yourself Isn’t a Good Motivational Strategy

Being mean to yourself isn’t a good motivational strategy. Whether we like it or not…we will talk to ourselves more times in a day than we will to anyone else.

One quick way to destroy progress is to talk negativity to ourselves. Do you identify with any of these scripts?…

“I can’t do this”

“I’ll never be better”

“I should just give up”

“My life is too difficult”

“I just can’t lose weight”

“I’m too old for _______.”

Now, I’m not suggesting feeding yourself empty affirmations…but rather make a list of honest statements that positive reflect the hope you have deep down. Everyday, practice statements like…

“I am so much better than a month ago”

“I’m proud of myself for ________.”

“I like the way my (insert body part) is looking.”

“I’m making progress ”

Self talk is very powerful. Don’t allow it to be destructive…it will kill your motivation.