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“VST” is a program designed to help young athletes (both pre-teens and teens) become more explosive and develop their bodies the right way through the utilization of expect trainers, age-appropriate strength and conditioning techniques, and our VERTIMAX units.

As the parent of a pre-teen or teen athlete, you have a lot of difficult choices to make. Finding the right leagues, the right teams, and the right summer camps to make sure that they have every opportunity to succeed…not only right now, but also later in life.

The skills, habits, and mind set they create at their age can transform who they become as they get older.

Our Vertimax Sports Training Program was created with the goal of taking an athlete and giving him or her the skills, confidence, and character development they’ll need to succeed in sports and in life.

“VST” Athletes will learn:

  • How to dynamically warm up properly so they can avoid injury
  • How to sprint with the best form so they can be the fastest on the field or court
  • How to stop & change direction so they can speed past defenders and make more big plays
  • How to strength train in an age appropriate way so they will play better now – and be ready for junior high, high school or college athletics
  • How to be a better leader and teammate so they will get the respect of all their coaches and teachers

Every Athlete Is Special

Your child has different needs and goals than his or her teammates, and at BCS Fitness we want to be sure they have the opportunity to get the training they need to help them develop the correct way.

Your son or daughter’s training journey will begin with an functional movement assessment, which helps our trainers and coach design the right program for your son or daughter to begin with. Our goal is to help them continue to grow stronger, faster, and more confident at every step of the journey.

There is a maximum of 4 athletes per coach to insure safety and quality of instruction. 

Please call us at 979-575-7871 to inquire about starting your child in a “VST” program. Programs start at $199 per month.

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