If you can’t do this…you can’t win in life. Period

It’s a bold statement, but it’s true. I’m convinced that despite all of our individual shortcomings, we can still rise up and overcome obstacles. However, there is one thing that is vital to being successful. Before I lay it all out for you…let me ask you a few reflective questions.

When you have a bad day at work…how do you respond?

When you eat a really greasy-nasty-calorically appalling lunch…what do you eat thereafter for dinner?

When adversity strikes in ANY area of your life…what is your reaction?

Our success is largely determined by our ability to bounce back after a set back. We are all going to fail. I fail DAILY as a husband, father, friend, employer, coach…you name it. The key is creating a few “head tricks” to get your butt up off the ground as fast as possible.

For me, I have a few strategies I use to help me turn the page and move past my personal failures. Here are a few…

If you fail at meal time, starting planning for the next meal or next days worth of meals. This will mentally allow you to move on and avoid sulking over your poor choice. Move on.
If you offend someone or don’t follow through with a promise…apologize. Make it right as fast as possible and get your energy back to a positive state. 
If you miss a workout, set your clothes out for the next day and tell someone of your intentions to do things differently the next day. You can’t change the past, but you can plan for a successful future. 
Forgive yourself. Many of us battle crippling abuse from ourselves. You are human…give yourself grace and take a step forward. 
If you had a bad day…go back to your self care plan and see where you can improve.

Are you getting 7-8 hours of sleep?

Are you abusing caffeine and using it as a crutch to get through the day and frying your nervous system in the process?

Are you following through on your commitment to your fitness and health?

Are you using alcohol as a crutch to relax/unwind?

Are you managing stress well in your life? Are you praying and/or discussing your stressors with people who love you?

We all get knocked down in life. Sometimes, the body blows we take are significant. But remember, winning is determined not by who gets hit the least…but rather who get up from getting popped in the mouth the fastest.

Written by Brad Tillery

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