Fall Nutrition Seminar-August 27th at 615pm

“Diets just don’t work”

“I have to starve myself to lose any weight”

“I’m hungry all the time!”

“I lose 10lbs…and then it slowly creeps back on.”

“Eating healthy is just too expensive…I’ll never lose weight.”


If you’ve ever been on a diet, you have probably uttered one (or more) of these sentiments. Over the last 6 months, I have been researching and talking to other fitness professionals across the country about what type of nutrition learning model is having the most success. All “diets” can work…but often times they do not solve or correct our habits that lead to body weight changes.


Over the next several months we want to help you build a framework that can adapt to your taste, your lifestyle, and your level of commitment.  For example, what happens if I give you a list of “do and don’t” foods and you don’t like any of the foods on the “do” list? Guess you are just out of luck huh? What if we tell you to cook all your meals and you hate being in the kitchen? What if your goals and your commitment level are just not congruent? Does that make you a failure? No, not at all.


What if you never had to count calories…ever?


What if your nutrition plan was customized to your God given body type?


What if you could favor carbs over fats or fats over carbs and still be successful?


What if meals took you no more than 5-10 minutes to make?


What if you could adapt the framework to your children to help them gage what appropriate portions look like per food group?


What if your hands and fingers were the only measuring device you needed to determine how much you should be eating? And…what if I told you that 85% of you would reach your weight loss goal by just using your hand and fingers to guide your portions (the other 15% would make just a few minor tweaks to achieve yours?)


What if you could go from obese (over 30% body fat) to athletic/lean (under 18% body fat) in one year?


The good news is that this stuff isn’t fantasy…it’s real and possible. Stay tuned as we start to unpack how the PrecisionNutrition curriculum can transform how you approach weight management.

In fact, the “Precision Nutrition” curriculum is what most people in our industry consider the premiere tool for teaching people how to view food and create a long term weight management strategy.


We will be unpacking our curriculum next week at our nutrition seminar…

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