Don’t Stop Doing This…

When you get stressed…what is the first thing in your life you let go of? Is it TV? Is it taking the time to dine out at a restaurant? Or…is it working out?

It is that time of year again, a time where most of us find ourselves very stressed. It is a busy time of year. Usually the first thing that goes when people are stressed is their workouts. Workouts should be the last thing that you drop. Most people do not realize how important exercise is and that getting rid of your workouts only increases your stress.


Working out actually lowers stress levels and here are 6 reasons why working out will benefit your stress management.


  1. Meditation in Motion – This makes so much sense if you think about it. When you are working out you do not have anything else on your mind other than working out. You tend to forget about everything else. You can channel your mind and focus on your workout.


  1. Releases “feel good” endorphins – When you engage in physical activity your body increases its production of endorphins, chemicals that send positive signals to your brain.


  1. Increases Social Interaction – It is a well known fact that positive social interactions are important for good mental health. Physical exercise benefits your mental health and in turn it can help increase the number of positive experiences that you have with other people.


  1. Boosts your Mood – Have you ever heard of a “runner’s high?” Regular exercisers are quick to point out the boost in energy and mood that comes after a workout.


  1. Improves Sleep Quality – Physical activity improves sleep quality and sleep duration. Let’s face it, when we do not sleep well our day is set up for stress.


  1. Mental Health – Physical activity has many mental health benefits. Stress management definitely falls under the umbrella of mental health. Physical activity aids in the management of anxiety, depression, ADHD, and many other mental health issues.


Bottom line is that exercising helps with stress management. Before you think about cutting out exercise to help reduce your stress levels, think again! If you feel stressed and are thinking about cutting out exercise, talk with your coach and we will be glad to help you!