CURRENT CLIENTS: Make Up Training Sessions This Week

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Here are the absences available for clients that have previously missed a training session. PLEASE EMAIL US AT to request a make up training session listed below. This list is based on clients who have reported an absence for the upcoming week. As a courtesy to others, please email us at if you know that you will be missing a training session.

Make-up training sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis. All workouts will begin 5 minutes before scheduled time to allow for dynamic warm up.


Monday:  615am,  830am, 900am, 445p, 615pm

Tuesday:     615am, 830am, 445p, 530pm

Wednesday:  615a, 700am, 830am,  615pm

Thursday:    615am,  445pm. 530p, 615pm

Friday:   615a, 700am, 830am, 9:00am