FREE for all current live in-person and virtual BCS Fitness clients to participate!

This competition comes at a great time of the year. Not only is it a new year, but folks are finally able to put all the stresses of the pandemic, holiday travel, irregular schedules, infrequent workout routines, and less than ideal eating patterns around the holidays behind them.

Here is how it works…

Step 1: Find (1-2) other current clients to be on your team. Consider yourself sort of “co-team captains” if you will.

Step 2: Your team will need to bring on at least one non-members to join your team. This could be a spouse, sibling, friend, co-worker, or just an acquaintance that needs a little motivation. Anyone who was a member between 6/1/20 and 1/12/21 can not be considered a guest and can rather rejoin BCS Fitness as a “member” to participate.

Each team will need to have four members (3 members and 1 guest, 2 members and 2 guests or 1 members and 3 guests would be acceptable.) NOTE: Due to reduced studio capacity regarding the COVID 19 pandemic, we will be restricting the competition to only 20 teams this year. Teams will have their spot reserved with preference to those teams with (2) guest members on their team.

Step 3: Send this registration link to your guest for them to fill out. NOTE: This is only for your guest…you do not need to do ANYTHING except find teammates.

Step 4: Compete against other teams in a “percentage of positive change”  fat loss & lean muscle competition between January 13th and February 12th.

This means the playing field is equal…no advantage based on starting body weight. To further enhance the fairness of the competition…we will do all “weigh-ins” on our InBody scanner each week and will measure fat loss (vs. total weight lost) and increase lean muscle. Competition weeks will run Friday to Friday. Thus, your ending scan for week 1 will be your starting scan for week 2.

Step 5: WIN THE CONTEST and collect your winnings!

Your non-member friends and family will have a special opportunity to enroll in our special 4-week personal training small group program which included…

-3 sessions per week @ 30 minutes per session) with their coach at BCS Fitness South or Central location ($179-$189 value)

-1 InBody scans each week of the 4-week competition ($100 value.)

ONLY $169 for 4-week program plus a chance to win $1000 every week! 

Start recruiting now and build your dream team!!! The team registration deadline is January 12th. Teams may scan between Wednesday, January 13th and Saturday, January 16th for their initial week 1 scan.

Still have questions? Check out our Q&A below…

Q: How do the guest select their training time?

A: Once they complete their registration, we will send them a link with training times. Training times will be available Monday-Saturday 530am-645pm.

Q: Do participants need to be super fit to participate?

A: Not at all! Because we offer personal small group training with groups of 3-4 people in a session, each workout can be highly customized to each person.

Q: What if I need to miss a training session?

A: Super easy…all you will do is let your coach know that you’ll need to miss and they will help you find an alternative time to train.

Q: Do I have to commit to a particular training time…or can I just come in whenever I want to?

A: Because we want the training experience to be highly customized, we do not allow our coaches to work with more than 5 people at a time. This allows us to offer a truly unique experience that meets the needs of all clients in session. The great news is that we have grown to offer nearly 100 small group sessions a week, so finding a make up session with the help of your coach shouldn’t prove to be a problem at all!

Still have questions?

You can check out our full facilities Q&A here.