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The Cost of Dining Out by Brad Tillery

Everybody loves to dine out. What’s not to love about sitting down and having someone else cook for you, pick up after you, and even serve you food that you normally wouldn’t cook for yourself? I enjoy it, don’t you? However, we all have to balance the enjoyment of dining out with the price (both […]

KIDS Summer Activities

“Faith and Fitness Fridays” FREE for all Incoming Grades 1st-5th We’ve re-formatted our popular “Summer Adventures in Faith and Fitness Vacation Bible School “at BCS Fitness into a series of weekly experiences every Friday starting July 14th. If you are looking for something for your kids to do this summer, this is it! No RSVP […]

Weight Loss Tip Wednesday by BCS Fitness (5/21/14)

” How do I get rid of my “love handles?” “I just really want to tone up my thighs…” “I want a flatter stomach…” “What should I do to get rid of this last 10 pounds?” Despite my desire for a quick fix solution for these problems…there really isn’t one. No magic exercise, no secret […]

Weight Loss Tip Wednesday (5/14)

Want to accelerate your weight loss efforts? Simply increasing your protein intake can do just that. Protein is much more thermogenic than other nutrients…meaning it take more calories to metabolize it. Protein also can increase satiety…so you are more likely to feel fuller longer. Look for 95% lean meats, grass fed beef, free range chicken, […]

Weight Loss Tip Wednesday for 4/23

Sometimes, in an effort to add more muscle or lose unwanted fat, we turn our attention to our pre-workout nutrition. For most of us, we really do not have a need for a pre-workout nutrition strategy and would only be taking in useless calories in doing so.    In short, if you have eaten a […]

Weight Loss Tip Wednesday for 4/8/14

Next time you sit down for lunch, time yourself and see how long it takes you to finish your meal. Oftentimes, we over eat because our brain has not received the signal from our stomach that we are full (which usually takes around 20 minutes.) Sit down for lunch today and time yourself with the […]

Weight Loss Tip Wednesday for 4/2/14

Equilibrium.  When something is removed from one side, a counter adjustment must be made to create balance. As a child, if you and a friend were playing on a see saw together and your friend left, you sunk to the ground. The same thing can occur in weight loss. If you grow accustom to eating […]

Weight Loss Tip Wednesday by BCS Fitness

3/19/14 Weight Loss Tip Wednesday by BCS Fitness Setting a goal is never about ONE decision. The excitement will wear off and it will become much easier to dismiss overtime. Creating change that lasts over the long haul is about daily decisions. Grab a 3×5 index card, write down you goals, laminate it, and keep it on […]