Are You Focusing on the “What” or the “How?”

When you think about your nutrition plan, are you getting wrapped up in the WHAT of things and neglecting the HOW of things?

Are you asking: Should I eat carbs? What about this food? What about that food? How much sugar should I eat? What should I have? What about this nutrition book? What about this diet book?

When we lose our sense of HOW we go about our nutrition plan and the approach we make, we are focusing on the what, leaving us scrambling for answers.

Here are TWO strategies that can be a GAME CHANGER as you strategize to maintain weight, trim body fat or build muscle.

1 – Keep a JOURNAL of HOW YOU FEEL when you eat
You will be able to decipher if you are eating out of hunger or for another reason. Are you hungry or maybe bored, stressed or sad? There can be a lot of reasons why you are eating and there’s nothing wrong with that. Finding a pattern and tracking to see why you eat will help you!
A lot of times we don’t eat when we are hungry so consider waiting until you are at a hunger level 7 and then eat. Don’t wait until you are at a hunger level 8, 9 or 10, that’s too long to wait; but wait to eat when you are at a level 3 or 4. Then, write down when you eat and how you feel.

2 – Make sure you are EATING SLOWLY
Eat slowly, take up to 20 minutes for a meal! We tend to eat too fast because we are distracted and not mindful or we are just used to eating quickly! That can lead us to over consume! Track how long it takes to eat a meal then work to slowly add time to that. Maybe you eat in 5 minutes, work to add 2 minutes to that…don’t shoot for 20 minutes right away! Just make progress! You can make smaller bites, drink water between meals and visit with others during the meal, all allowing you to take longer to eat your meal.

Mastering these 2 things can help you manage your weight!

The WHAT of your nutrition is important but FIRST you need to get the HOW in place. You need to know HOW you will go about your nutrition plan and HOW you will maintain it and then focus on the WHAT. So are you focusing on the right thing?

💻Written by Coach Brad Tillery