5 Natural Foods That Will Increase Your Energy

Feeling sluggish, fatigued, or dragged out? There’s a good chance it’s because you’re eating the wrong kinds of food. Food is what provides your body with energy, but some foods do a better job than others. How important is food? Consider refueling a car, and your body is the car. Do you feel like you’re running on fumes or like you’re filled up with cheap-grade gas that leaves your engine sputtering and barely gets you to your destination? Eating the right foods is compared to filling up on premium, high-octane gas. You’re revved up and ready to go from the time you wake until the end of the day.
Give these 5 high-octane foods a try and see if you can feel your engine running better than ever.

1. Apples

Fruits are simple carbohydrates that give you quick energy. They’re also high in fiber, which prolongs the energy boost, and apples contain water to keep you from becoming dehydrated, a common cause for fatigue. Apples are one of the many fruits you can enjoy for a pick-me-up snack. Add some cheese or peanut butter to your apple slices for an even more nutritious and delicious energy boost.

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