Woohoo YOU FOUND IT ! Below is all the information you will need to completely dominate the next 28 days! 

Need help figuring out how to start and sustain your habit change progression?
Need a check-list of what to do? 🤔
Want to look and see what a winning meal strategy might look like? 🤔
Need some new and fresh recipes to add to your food arsenal? 🤔
If you have…you are not alone.
Below we’ve put together an incredible resource to help you through the next 28 days. We’ve also built out a private Facebook page where you can ask questions, engage with other challengers, and get some additional coaching these next several weeks.

We are ALL ABOUT getting results – and even more importantly, getting results that LAST

… and these guides and check lists should help you to do just that.

Download them all here:

  1. Copy of Master 28-Day Success Manual (read this first, cover to cover)
  2. Master 28-Day Checklists Worksheets (1)
  3. Copy of Master 28-Day Meal Plans & Grocery Lists
  4. Copy of Master 28-Day Challenge Recipe Book
  5. Dining Out Guide

Energetically yours!

Brad Tillery | BCS Fitness

P.S. I will be sending you 2-4 emails each week. Be sure to check your “junk mail” if they do not go directly into your inbox. If you did not receive any emails…please reach out to me and let me know ASAP so you don’t miss anything (brad@bcsfitness.com.)