BCS Fitness Protein Packed Breakfast Guide


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The 1st ever… “BCS Fitness Protein-Packed Breakfasts Recipe Guide!” It’s my gift to you for being a part of our incredible community. :) These recipes and tips are some of the best practices I’ve recommended to clients over the last 17 years. 


Eating a protein-rich breakfast can help get your day started right.  


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A Protein-Packed Breakfast:

  • Helps your body repair and build muscle,
  • Releases hormones that keep you feeling full,
  • Improves blood sugar control for hours,
  • Boosts calorie burn, and
  • Can help cut back on nighttime snack cravings!


—> Maybe even most importantly, it’s powerful for your MINDSET.


Starting your day with a healthy meal can send a strong message to yourself about being proactive and taking positive actions toward your health and wellness.


In fact, some experts theorize that the reason people who eat breakfast tend to be healthier is because of their overall lifestyle pattern.


Some of the deliciousness you’ll find inside:


  • Simple, make-ahead breakfasts,
  • Fast & easy choices 
  • Delicious smoothie recipes
  • Plant-based options
  • Grab & go meals


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Thank you for being part of our amazing community! 


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