Football & Fitness

I have always loved competing in athletics. It doesn’t matter the sport or activity, I’m in! There is something about the challenge that lies ahead and the opportunity to become the victor that simply just gets me going. Growing up with a single mother who was a teacher, any day off I had from school was spent with my mom in her classroom watching her teach. After high school, I realized coaching in some capacity was what I needed to do with my life; it allowed me to be competitive and instruct. Two qualities that I needed to utilize in whatever I chose to do with my life. 

Before joining the BCS Fitness family, I spent my time coaching high school and middle school students in a variety of sports from football, baseball, track and field, and basketball. However it was the game of football that captured my passion. I was blessed to work with amazing coaches and players, and I carry the lessons that they have taught with me today. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of those lessons with you!

  1. It’s always about the people: I had a mentor of mine tell me “The day my intentions shift away from our boys, is the day I am done with coaching!” Whether we are on the field or in the gym, it is the PEOPLE that get us up every morning! I think I can speak for every staff member at BCS Fitness when I say we truly love to see you achieve your goals! When you walk in the doors of the gym, you have people in your groups that you GRIND with and work hard with. You are walking step by step in your fitness journey with some amazing people, and that is a tremendous blessing!
  2. It takes no talent to be prepared: This one might be my favorite. In football, if a team is not fully prepared, it shows! This is something that you cannot escape. As an offensive coordinator, my days (and nights) were consumed with film, practice schedules, and play call sheets.. And then more film! The same can be said for you and your workouts. Without the proper nutrition, hydration, and sleep the machine we call our body will not function the way you need it to! You work way too hard in and out of the gym to not properly fuel your body!
  3. Effort is between you and you: The beautiful thing about football is that there  are more variables that are out of your control than are. Effort and attitude however, are completely up to you! As a coach, effort and attitude are VITAL in creating a winning culture; but I can’t do it for you! When people in your group think about you, are you known for giving everything you got and bringing a positive attitude no matter the task? A positive attitude and work ethic are contagious and everyone around you feeds off of it!

Football is a tremendous parallel to life and I can say first hand the coaches I have had in the past have shaped me into who I am today. Because of what my coaches meant to me, I feel called to pass those lessons along to as many people as I can; on the field or in the gym. Let’s continue to strive to be our best!

The Five S’s by Coach Jared MacDonald

Five S’s

We spend a lot of time and energy talking about and focusing on our “Why”. This is important, as your “Why” gives  reason and purpose to your effort. One popular and successful strategy for finding your true “Why” is known as the “5 Whys”. It is a fantastic way to drill down to deeper meaning and purpose. You simply ask “why?” each time you answer a question. Why do you want to lose 15lbs? To feel better about myself. Why do you want to feel better about yourself? Etc. This may seem simple on the surface, but usually by the fifth “Why” you find a deep and burning desire for something that is not superficial. But what do you do when you find true North and you don’t see a visible path? Have you ever been on a hike and lost the trail? Trying to find a house or business in an unfamiliar town? That feeling of being utterly lost can be overwhelming, causing paralysis before you even set out on the journey. Or you could be on your way, following the path and then come upon an immovable and unavoidable obstacle. Precision Nutrition recently had a great infographic that I think can help a lot of us once we find our “Why” and the know the destination but are unsure of the path. This is how you build the compass, trail map, road to your destination of deep sustainable change. Again, this may seem simple on the surface. And singularly they are simple (and that is great news, simple is doable) but combined they are powerful.

  1. Simple (told you so): Ask yourself. On a scale of 1-10 how confident am I that I can do this everyday for 2 weeks. 10 being no problem, 1 being as likely as winning the lottery. Aim for 8+.
  1. Segmental: Break bigger things down into their component parts. Seems simple and trivial. It’s neither. Critical and difficult to do without practice. 
  1. Sequential: Start with “Thing 1”, then do “Thing 2”, then “Thing 3” and so on. Don’t about a problem that isn’t actually holding you back yet. Earn that problem by eliminating the immediate problem.
  1. Strategic: Leverage your strengths to address the thing that’s immediately in your way. Don’t focus on what you can’t or haven’t done, focus on what has worked and how that can be employed now.
  1. Supported: Include teaching, coaching, mentorship, and accountability.

*Quick note here: If you are a client at BCS Fitness #5 is the thing we strive the most to provide to you. Take advantage of your coaches, workout partners, structure of the schedule. There is an enormous wealth of support, knowledge, experience, and support available to you, but you have to access it.

**Second note. If you are not a client of BCS Fitness and are looking for coaching, support, accountability we would love to meet with you and discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve your lifestyle and fitness desires.