Better Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast Episode 8

Tips on De-stressing your Home for the Holidays. Clients, Stacie Caffey and Emily Myers of Revival Living Interiors, give their best tips on preparing for busy seasons in life.

This family-centered duo is sure to give you plenty of encouragement and pieces of wisdom. Now you can feel ready to enjoy special moments with your family. Connect with Revival Living Interiors on facebook. Or visit


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Nutrition is a Battlefield

Nutrition is a Battlefield by Coach Jared MacDonald

Wondering what the best diet for weight loss is? Mass gain? Sports performance? Longer lifespan? That’s great! That means you are being conscious and are aware that nutrition plays a vital role in your fitness and lifestyle goals.


Unfortunately, there is no “best” diet, no matter what certain media headlines would have you believe. There are numerous reasons why there is no one “best” diet, but most importantly you are an individual with individual nutrient needs and metabolism.

The good news is we do know enough to build a great framework for you to follow to optimize your health and lifestyle and to help you reach your goals! Precision Nutrition lists 6 pillars to build this foundation. It sounds simple, it is in form, but I would argue that it takes great effort and practice to implement them all with a 90% compliance rate.

Once you have mastered the foundation, you can dig deeper and tune things to achieve greater results if you desire but you will always have a foundation to navigate, instead of chasing the latest fad that’s sure to fade just as quickly as it arrived. These 6 simple pillars are a powerful foundation that eliminate confusion and provide simplicity and stability.



  • Eat whole minimally processed plant and animal based foods


Sounds easy, but can be difficult when life gets busy and the golden arches are calling


  • Do routine physical activity


Mix low, moderate, and high intensity workouts 3 times a week for 30 minutes


  • Limit consumption of tobacco and alcohol


Limit consumption as much as possible


  • Get adequate sleep


7-9 hours a night


  • Find ways to control stress


Meditation, prayer, walks in the woods, yoga, whatever is a healthy stress relief


  • Cultivate supportive relationships


Have relationships that support your goals and lifestyle

Better Lifestyle Parenting

Join us today for special guest, Jeremy Dew! Jeremy is a professionally licensed counselor who specialized in children and families. Jeremy talks about how to be the best parent you can be for your kids and it might not be the tips you expect! If you feel discouraged as a parent and struggle with feeling inadequate at home, you will find Jeremy’s advice and words to be a breath of fresh air! We hope you feel encouraged and ready to tackle the busy holiday season with your kiddos!

Jeremy practices at Oakwood Collaborative Counseling and Assessment Center. If you are interested in the services provided at Oakwood Collaborative Counseling and Assessment Center, they can be contacted by phone at 979.229.7636

Being Mean To Yourself Isn’t a Good Motivational Strategy

Being mean to yourself isn’t a good motivational strategy. Whether we like it or not…we will talk to ourselves more times in a day than we will to anyone else.

One quick way to destroy progress is to talk negativity to ourselves. Do you identify with any of these scripts?…

“I can’t do this”

“I’ll never be better”

“I should just give up”

“My life is too difficult”

“I just can’t lose weight”

“I’m too old for _______.”

Now, I’m not suggesting feeding yourself empty affirmations…but rather make a list of honest statements that positive reflect the hope you have deep down. Everyday, practice statements like…

“I am so much better than a month ago”

“I’m proud of myself for ________.”

“I like the way my (insert body part) is looking.”

“I’m making progress ”

Self talk is very powerful. Don’t allow it to be destructive…it will kill your motivation.