How to Help Your Kids Eat Better



How To Help Your Kids Eat Better

*Outline from Facebook Live Session on 6/24/16

Seeing The Big Picture

  1. Put the past in the past. No need for guilting yourself.
  2. Consider what are the 1-2 main concerns for your child.
  3. What is your role, currently, in your child’s eating plan?

-Do you control what and how much they eat?

-Do you do the grocery shopping?

4. How involved is your child in their eating?

-Do they get to pick their meals? Do they decide portions? Can they easily get second helpings?


Strategies for Eating More Vegetables and Fruits

  1. The “appetizer” method of getting your child to eat vegetables/fruits
  2. Big quarterly in house vegetable and fruit competitions.
  3. Try a bite: Can be effective…but might be difficult with strong willed child.
  4. Go to the farm or farmers market.

Strategies for Portion Controlling 

  1. Precision Nutrition portion infographic
  2. Single helping only with parental oversight. Effective up to teen years.
  3. When having a treat meal/dessert…divide into smaller servings. I.E: Pizza, Ice Cream, etc

Strategies for Reducing Eating Speed

  1. 30 second interval timing with hour glass or cell phone app. Very successful in test studies.
  2. Drink of water after each bite.
  3. Break our #2 strategy on portion controlling by creating two separate meals each 15 minutes long.

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