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5 Ways to Injury Proof Your Workout

From correct form and gym etiquette to counting calories and fitness apps, the exercise world can be a confusing place. When you’re unsure of the right way to do things, it’s easy to make mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes can lead to injury, burn out, and a lack of results, all of which lead many well-intentioned exercisers to quit prematurely.Before giving up on exercise or becoming another injury statistic, take a close look at your exercise routine: could one or more of the following mistakes be the reason exercise isn’t working for you?

Here are 5 Ways to Injury Proof Your Workout

1. Quantity Rather Than Quality

Every morning, you show up at the gym for your workout. You go through yourroutine of weight machines, watch the morning news show on television while mindlessly jogging on the treadmill, or read a book while pedaling on the stationary bike. You feel good because you broke a little sweat and got your heart rate up for a few minutes. Then you leave the gym, cross your workout off your to-do list, and move on.

If this sounds familiar, it’s no surprise you’re not seeing results. You’ve got to get serious about exercise, put more effort in making every movement count, and push yourself to new limits each day. By doing these things you’ll find you’re able to accomplish a lot more in less time.

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