Do You Struggle Cooking for One?

Do You Struggle Cooking for One?

You come home after a long day at work exhausted and hungry. The only greeting you get at the door is from your dog.

As your stomach growls, you consider your options: call for take out, grab fast food, warm up a frozen dinner, or actually cook a meal. You know the last idea is the healthiest but definitely not the easiest. However, all those articles have you convinced that eating out may be the reason you’re struggling with your weight…

Open Gym Hours for Platinum Members

As a platinum member of BCS Fitness you are able to utilize the facility on your non-training days to fit in additional self-guided workouts. We will have a W.O.W (workout of the week) available in the gym in the event you need some ideas of what to do on your own for open gym.



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5 Ways to Improve Sleep Quality

Reasons NOT to Skip Your Workout


Just this once!

I’m too tired today…

One day won’t hurt, will it?

Do these excuses sound familiar? You may have even had those thoughts today. It’s not hard to come up with excuses not to exercise, and while skipping your workout may not seem like a big deal, it can all too quickly become a habit.
Before copping out on exercise, you may want to think twice. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t skip your workout and a few reasons when it’s okay.

#1 DON’T: Lose Your Fitness

Thinking of taking a break from exercise over summer vacation or the holidays? Not a good idea. The fitness gains you worked all year to achieve will quickly begin to fade. All it takes is one day off of exercise and your blood pressure begins to rise. After a five-day break your blood sugar levels go up. Two weeks of skipping workouts will reveal a noticeable decrease in your cardiovascular fitness and amount of lean muscle. Take two months off from exercise and you’ll fall completely out of shape. Read the entire article in our magazine here…

4 Things to Do to Flatten Your Stomach

Change 1: Metabolic Exercises

When it comes to burning calories and losing extra weight around your middle, high-intensity cardiovascular exercise is your answer. Low-intensity exercise done for a longer period of time may burn the same amount of calories, but it’s not as effective at targeting visceral fat. This means you may have to work harder but for a shorter length of time.

Change 2: Proper Posture

Slouching when you sit or stand makes your belly appear bigger than it really is, but proper posture makes you taller and leaner—and more confident. Align your body in a straight line by keeping your ears above your shoulders and your shoulders in line with your hips, knees, and ankles. Don’t let your shoulders roll over or inward but imagine your shirt is hanging on a hanger. Not only will good posture make you appear thinner, but you’ll also have more energy and lung capacity.

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