The Cost of Dining Out by Brad Tillery

Everybody loves to dine out. What’s not to love about sitting down and having someone else cook for you, pick up after you, and even serve you food that you normally wouldn’t cook for yourself? I enjoy it, don’t you? However, we all have to balance the enjoyment of dining out with the price (both financially and physically) we pay to do so.

Last week, I put up a chart in the gym that showed a cost analysis of dining out. I assigned a very conservative $7 per meal average and showed what a single person and a family of 4 would spend over the course of one month, one year, and five years if they dined out once, twice, three, four, or five times per week. Here are some of the highlights of our cost analysis…  

Cost of dining out 5 times per week for one month at $7 per meal per person:  

  • Single Person Monthly: $140
  •  Family of 4: $560 
  • Single Person Per Year: $1680 
  • Family of 4 Per Year: $6720
  •  Single Person Per 5 Years: $8400
  •  Family of 4 Per 5 Years: $ 33,600

  Now for homework… sit down and decide how many times you would like to dine out based on both your budget and your fitness goals. Then, try to come up with alternatives to dining out frequently (i.e. bringing tasty left-overs to work with you, having a spouse or family member share in cooking duties, or taking a grocery store tour in order to find a few new and exciting meals that are both heathy as well as easy to prepare at home. Before you know it, you’ll see a difference in both your bottom…and your bottom line.

What’s for dinner tonight? (Easy Garlic Chicken)

Hey Everybody!

The weekend is a time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends…not spending HOURS in the kitchen right? I’ve got a great recipe for you that will add a little variety to the ol’ chicken breast that, although a great protein source, can get a little boring. Keep reading…


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Quick and Easy after school snack

This week is a HUGE week at the Tillery house. All 5 of our kiddos will be in school. Now, like some of you…we will have kids going to three different school which could lead to some logistical challenges.

With lots of change, how are we going to have time to prep a healthy meal and snacks? Keep reading…


The Fitness of Your Skin

My skin is not in terrible shape yet…but I’m starting to be more aware of how to better protect my skin.  How about you? Wish you could slow or reverse skin damage? For the next six weeks, include these six foods on your grocery list to see if you can eat your way to better skin…keep reading

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“Diets just don’t work”

“I have to starve myself to lose any weight”

“I’m hungry all the time!”

“I lose 10lbs…and then it slowly creeps back on.”

“Eating healthy is just too expensive…I’ll never lose weight.”


If you’ve ever been on a diet, you have probably uttered one (or more) of these sentiments. Over the last 6 months, I have been researching and talking to other fitness professionals across the country about what type of nutrition learning model is having the most success. All “diets” can work…but often times they do not solve or correct our habits that lead to body weight changes.


Over the next several months we want to help you build a framework that can adapt to your taste, your lifestyle, and your level of commitment.  For example, what happens if I give you a list of “do and don’t” foods and you don’t like any of the foods on the “do” list? Guess you are just out of luck huh? What if we tell you to cook all your meals and you hate being in the kitchen? What if your goals and your commitment level are just not congruent? Does that make you a failure? No, not at all.


What if you never had to count calories…ever?


What if your nutrition plan was customized to your God given body type?


What if you could favor carbs over fats or fats over carbs and still be successful?


What if meals took you no more than 5-10 minutes to make?


What if you could adapt the framework to your children to help them gage what appropriate portions look like per food group?


What if your hands and fingers were the only measuring device you needed to determine how much you should be eating? And…what if I told you that 85% of you would reach your weight loss goal by just using your hand and fingers to guide your portions (the other 15% would make just a few minor tweaks to achieve yours?)


What if you could go from obese (over 30% body fat) to athletic/lean (under 18% body fat) in one year?


The good news is that this stuff isn’t fantasy…it’s real and possible. Stay tuned as we start to unpack how the PrecisionNutrition curriculum can transform how you approach weight management.

In fact, the “Precision Nutrition” curriculum is what most people in our industry consider the premiere tool for teaching people how to view food and create a long term weight management strategy.


We will be unpacking our curriculum next week at our nutrition seminar…

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Weight Loss for the Baby Boomer and Beyond

How to Kick Start Weight Loss

by Patti Willems, M.S

Gym College Station over 50 class

WE all seem to have a problem jump starting a healthy eating regiment.  I would like to offer 3 quick and easy concepts for healthy eating habits, which in turn will kick start your weight loss…..


  1.  Drink 16 oz. of water BEFORE each meal.  There are several reasons for this….
  • Water will help you feel fuller so you won’t eat as much, therefore you consume fewer calories.
  • Water helps speed up your metabolism.
  • Your body is made up of 60% water, therefore you need to drink water to stay hydrated.  Water also aids in digestion, absorption, and circulation.
  • Water can help energize your muscles and keeps fatigue from setting in by keeping your cells hydrated.
  • Water keeps your skin hydrated and looking younger.
  • Water keeps your kidneys flushed out, and some experts seem to think staying hydrated reduces your chance for kidney stones.
  • Water helps maintain normal bowel functions .
  1.  Slow down your eating time.  It should take anywhere from 15-20 minutes to eat a meal.  It takes approximately 20 minutes for your body to ‘feel’ full.   Therefore, if you eat too fast, your brain does not have time enough to get the message from your stomach that you are full.  You may need to start by slowly adding a minute on here and there by chewing more slowly and deliberately, drinking more often, or chatting with your dining partner.  You usually tend to eat fewer calories as your meal time increases.
  1.  Portion control – this seems to be a problem for many individuals.   Even though I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, I do seem to like to eat more than I should, so portion control is an issue that I have to really watch.   I would like to offer you three recommendations from Precision Nutrition that might help with portion control, and luckily you will have this ‘tool’ with you no matter where you go…..


  • Use the palm of your hand (the same thickness and diameter as your palm) to identify the amount of protein and carbohydrates you should be eating at each meal. (Women should use one palm and men should use two palms).
  • Use your fist to identify the amount of vegetables you should be eating at each meal. (Women should use one fist and men should use two fists).
  • Use your thumb to determine how much good saturated fat you should be eating at each meal.  (Women should use one thumb and men should use two thumbs).

You don’t even have to count calories – just watch the portion of proteins, vegetables, carbs and fats that you eat and you should be in great shape (no pun intended).

If you practice these three concepts, they will soon become naturally occurring habits, which will make it easier to:  1) eat healthier,  2) keep your portions under control,  3) stay hydrated, and  4)  kick start your weight loss journey!  

If you have any questions regarding the above healthy eating tips to kick start your weight loss, or are ready to start your fitness journey, please feel free to contact either myself or Brad Tillery here at BCS Fitness.


Fitness& Nutrition Minded,

Patti Willems, M.S

Baby Boomers and Beyond Program Director/Personal Trainer


10 Day Fit Camp is coming August 26th for only $99

Don’t get me wrong…I love the summertime. Swimming, flip flops, kids being home, trips to the beach…it’s all good and fine. However, I also REALLY enjoy my “normal” time. You know, the months that are fairly routine and allow you to get into a groove…Sept, Oct, Nov, parts of Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, April, and May…the “normal” months. 
If you love your “normal” months too guess what…we have 3 “normal” months right around the corner. Back to back baby!  In fact, most of you are only 6 days away from the kids going back to school and you being able to settle into your Fall groove! 
So, with that being said…I’m going to challenge you in three ways…
1. Set a date and decide when you are done with summer. August 24th? August 26th? August 31st? September 1st? Whatever that date is…put it down and look forward to that time. Statistics show that you are more likely to achieve a goal and stay committed if you have a surefire start date to your endeavor. 
2. Plug into as many resources as possible once your summer is officially over. We are about to slam you with opportunities to get better (Personal Results Coaching, Precision Nutrition Training, 10 Day Fit Camp, Cooking Classes, Web Diet Coaching, Auxiliary Training Programs, new recipes, health and fitness tips, and so much more!!!) We know that several of you are just patiently waiting for summer to end so you can get your groove back. 
3. Start getting your mind right now! Start with baby goals over the next few weeks. Drinking more water, attending all your training sessions, getting more sleep, etc. Save the tough stuff for when “normal” comes around for you. We will help you through the tough stuff…just stay consistent and work on the smaller foundational goals between now and then!
10 Day Fit Camp​
Folks, this is going to be an INCREDIBLE opportunity to kick start your Fall and finally get past that plateau. We are throwing everything at you…even the kitchen sink! Please look at your commitments and please consider enrolling in “10DFC.”  All sessions are 35 minutes long (including warm up) Monday through Friday with Saturday’s “BT BOOT CAMP” being 45 minutes and Sunday Yoga with Yoga Michelle being 45 minutes. 
Q: What times will camps be available? 
A: Camps will be available at the following times…
Monday through Friday @ 500am, 600am, 900am, and 600pm and Saturday 700am or 800am and Sunday 700am or 800am. 
Q: Do I get a cool t-shirt for surviving “10 Day Fit Camp?” 
A: Heck yeah! This is a serious project…we’ve got to commemorate it with a t-shirt! 
Q: Do I have to be super fit to participate?
A: No. This program is designed for all skill levels.
If you would like to make a reservation…act now before your preferred training time fills up! Call us at 979-314-2652 to reserve your spot. 
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Date Night Revelations by Brad Tillery

My wife and I had a date night this past Friday and we decided to go out to a nice restaurant. Could have been worse…steak, salad, water, shrimp, and a bit of bread…but could have been better as well. This article in our August magazine get to some of the ends and outs of being successful while dining out. Do you see anywhere based on this article that we could have improved?

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