Weight Loss Tip Wednesday by BCS Fitness (5/21/14)

” How do I get rid of my “love handles?”

“I just really want to tone up my thighs…”

“I want a flatter stomach…”

“What should I do to get rid of this last 10 pounds?”

Despite my desire for a quick fix solution for these problems…there really isn’t one. No magic exercise, no secret diet trick, and no ground breaking pill to solve these problems.

However, there is a process that we can submit ourselves to that will gradually move us towards these physique goals.

STEP 1: Decide what your END goal is. This could be a specific pair of jeans, getting rid of the “muffin top”, etc.

STEP 2: Ask yourself, or your trainer, what are 3 goals that, if done every week, would lead you to your end goal?

STEP 3: Commit to executing these 3 goals for a 3-6 week period of time.

Can you commit to doing 3 things for 3 weeks? If you can, you WILL move the needle closer to your end goal.

Weight Loss Tip Wednesday (5/14)

Want to accelerate your weight loss efforts? Simply increasing your protein intake can do just that.

Protein is much more thermogenic than other nutrients…meaning it take more calories to metabolize it. Protein also can increase satiety…so you are more likely to feel fuller longer. Look for 95% lean meats, grass fed beef, free range chicken, and wild types of fish for the highest nutrient density.