10 Day Fit Camp is coming August 26th for only $99

Don’t get me wrong…I love the summertime. Swimming, flip flops, kids being home, trips to the beach…it’s all good and fine. However, I also REALLY enjoy my “normal” time. You know, the months that are fairly routine and allow you to get into a groove…Sept, Oct, Nov, parts of Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, April, and May…the “normal” months. 
If you love your “normal” months too guess what…we have 3 “normal” months right around the corner. Back to back baby!  In fact, most of you are only 6 days away from the kids going back to school and you being able to settle into your Fall groove! 
So, with that being said…I’m going to challenge you in three ways…
1. Set a date and decide when you are done with summer. August 24th? August 26th? August 31st? September 1st? Whatever that date is…put it down and look forward to that time. Statistics show that you are more likely to achieve a goal and stay committed if you have a surefire start date to your endeavor. 
2. Plug into as many resources as possible once your summer is officially over. We are about to slam you with opportunities to get better (Personal Results Coaching, Precision Nutrition Training, 10 Day Fit Camp, Cooking Classes, Web Diet Coaching, Auxiliary Training Programs, new recipes, health and fitness tips, and so much more!!!) We know that several of you are just patiently waiting for summer to end so you can get your groove back. 
3. Start getting your mind right now! Start with baby goals over the next few weeks. Drinking more water, attending all your training sessions, getting more sleep, etc. Save the tough stuff for when “normal” comes around for you. We will help you through the tough stuff…just stay consistent and work on the smaller foundational goals between now and then!
Folks, this is going to be an INCREDIBLE opportunity to kick start your Fall and finally get past that plateau. We are throwing everything at you…even the kitchen sink! Please look at your commitments and please consider enrolling in “10DFC.”  All sessions are 35 minutes long (including warm up) Monday through Friday with Saturday’s “BT BOOT CAMP” being 45 minutes and Sunday Yoga with Yoga Michelle being 45 minutes. 
Q: What times will camps be available? 
A: Camps will be available at the following times…
Monday through Friday @ 500am, 600am, 900am, and 600pm and Saturday 700am or 800am and Sunday 700am or 800am. 
Q: Do I get a cool t-shirt for surviving “10 Day Fit Camp?” 
A: Heck yeah! This is a serious project…we’ve got to commemorate it with a t-shirt! 
Q: Do I have to be super fit to participate?
A: No. This program is designed for all skill levels.
If you would like to make a reservation…act now before your preferred training time fills up! Call us at 979-314-2652 to reserve your spot.