At BCS Fitness, we value our clients. Below are some client opinions that we truly appreciate.


“Brad and his team at BCS Fitness have changed my life.  One year ago, I reached over 200 lbs for the first time in my life and my self-esteem was at an all-time low.  I had constant back pain, my clothes did not fit as comfortably as they once did, and I would come home exhausted after a long day of work.  I knew that I needed to make a change and take steps to become a healthier person, not only for me, but also for my family.  My wife, who had previously trained with Brad after her pregnancy, suggested I give Brad and his team at BCS Fitness a try.  It was the start of a life changing experience.   Not only have I lost over 30 lbs, I have more energy during the workday, and I feel great about myself.  Brad and his team has helped me understand how to live a healthier more active life.  I now workout 3 times a week and I have a better understanding of what nutritional choices are best for my family and me.  I cannot say enough about Brad and his TEAM of trainers.  They have been supportive and encouraging throughout this program and continually remind each of us that this is a process and results will not come quickly or easily.  It does take some work, dedication, a will to change your nutritional habits, but the results and health benefits make this lifestyle choice all worth it.  I am so happy and thankful to Brad and his team of trainers in helping me change my life.”

Ronnie Gonzalez

Bryan, TX


“In the spring of 2010, my life was running me. Motherhood, my demanding teaching career, the sudden death of my mother all contributed to my exhaustion. My clothes were all too tight, and I weighed as much as I did when I was nine months pregnant. I was unhappy with how I felt, how I looked, and my general lethargy.  I knew I had to do something, and I also knew that just joining a gym wasn’t going to be enough.

Thankfully, I discovered Brad Tillery’s BCS Fitness.  I was immediately intrigued by the small group atmosphere.  I liked the idea of a set, specific time on my calendar to work out, and I appreciated that the workout included a variety of cardio activities plus a pretty serious strength component. At our first meeting, Brad and I had a very frank and honest discussion about my food habits and my lack of exercise.  That first workout was humbling. I had been fooling myself into thinking I was in shape and could eat whatever I wanted. I had settled for mediocrity.

Within about two months, I lost twenty pounds and had to buy new clothes because everything I owned was too big.  More importantly, I felt really good for the first time in quite a while. I began running again, slowly at first, but then faster and longer.  Over the last two years, I’ve run four full marathons and several half marathons.  I’ve become the strong, confident woman I always wanted to be. I know that whether it is shoveling a truckload of mulch or coaching my son’s soccer team, I have the strength and energy to live life fully.

Being a part of the BCS Fitness family has also truly changed my approach to food.  The ongoing food challenges, book studies, and nutritional support revealed to me how much my choices were contributing to my weight and to my energy.  I am constantly encouraged and challenged on the food front, and I know that my food choices are crucial to maintaining my fitness.

I love the 12 Week Challenge workouts because they are constantly varied and they are really are challenging. Each week, I’m amazed when the trainers tell us the workout. Surely that’s impossible, I often think.  And then, an hour later, I’m amazed that I did it! In over two years, I haven’t done the same workout twice.  Brad and the other trainers are experts at tailoring the exercises to the specific needs of each client.  My group consists of a several wonderful women with different fitness goals, and we all encourage and support each other.  The camaraderie and friendships that have developed from working out with the same women each week has been a true blessing.

I spent too many years just settling in to aging, to motherhood, to my teaching career without taking the time out to put myself and my fitness as a priority in my life.  I’m grateful to BCS Fitness for helping me realize my strengths and live a life full of energy and accomplishment. “

Erin Stutts

College Station, TX


Having a baby was not only a wonderful, life changing event, but a body changing event as well. I loved every minute of my pregnancy, but as I started packing on the pounds I succumbed to the “inevitable” – being overweight. When my son was about 3 months old and I had the typical postpartum figure, I saw a commercial for Brad’s 12 Week Challenge and decided to sign up. My workouts with Brad are always a challenge, and I leave worn out but energized. My son is now 8 months old and I have dropped about 20 pounds of body fat, gained lots of lean muscle, and gone from a size 14 to a size 6. My accomplishments are my trophy, I know that without Brad’s help I would not have lost weight. Brad has changed my entire outlook on nutrition and exercise and I now know that being in shape is a choice. I now know that nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.

Jill Duchmasclo

College Station, TX


I just turned 57 years old and I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Brad and the 12-Week Challenge. In fact, I am signing up for the next session. I can’t tell you how many times I have signed on with gyms, classes, and even a personal trainer to try to convince myself to exercise. Thanks to Brad’s inspiration and encouragement, I have been working out consistently for the first time ever- and I actually look forward to it. For me, it isn’t a matter of losing weight, but just wanting to look and feel better. I have some pretty bad problems with my lower back, so I rely heavily on Brad’s instruction and my back is getting stronger. The best part is that I actually have some muscles now- I guess it really is never too late. My arms are now shapely enough that I have begun to wear sleeveless tops for the first time since I turned 40 — and people have started to comment on the difference. It feels great to have broken the curse of signing up and never showing up! Thanks, Brad.

Becky Davies

College Station, TX

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